While we wait to see what happens with the Covid virus and vaccines lets dance as much as possible. I will be offering dance sessions via Zoom starting February 1st.  

Each month I will do three Zoom sessions for each class and make a short youtube post of choreography on week four. I’ll set up ongoing Zooms and send the links to your email. If you would like to join please send your email address. Hopefully we’ll only have to do it this way for a couple of months!

Mondays – 4:15, 3rd Grade

Tuesdays – 4:15, 1st & 2nd Grade (+ Kindergarteners with dance experience)

Tuesdays - 5 pm, 4th, 5th & 6th Grades

Wednesdays – 4:15, Contemporary dance (6th grade up)

Thursdays – 4:15, Teen Modern/Ballet

Thursdays - 5 pm, Tap dance (all ages)

This schedule is flexible so please let me know if you want to change something. The sessions are only 40 minutes so try to come on time. Please pay what you can ($15/mo max.) You can use my paypal account if that is easier than sending a check.

Hope to see you soon! Ferolyn

Tuesday 4:30 K - 1st grade
Tuesday 5:30 Adult Dance
Wednesday 4 pm 2nd & 3rd Grade
Wednesday 5 pm 6 - 8th grade